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Curved Kiosk

Curved kiosk

Designed for Retail and Hospitality Environments

Available in 49” and 55” Screen Sizes

Featuring a Curved Design for Multi-Touch Applications

A Sleek Full-Black Finish with Edge-to-Edge Tempered Glass

This sophisticated and slim kiosk boasts a brilliantly bright and highly visible digital display, offering a range of sizes and brightness levels. Crafted with the bustling retail and commercial environments in mind, this kiosk allows for easy updates via the built-in USB Media Player, complete with high-quality Sony Speakers and a Bluetooth Amplifier.

Enhanced portability is achieved through a tilt-and-push design and convenient grab handles, making it a perfect solution for large venues, offices, or events where ease of use is crucial. The integrated wheels provide added convenience, whether for events, offices, or road shows.

For added peace of mind at events, the kiosk comes equipped with an antimicrobial and antiviral touchscreen protector, scientifically proven to block up to 99.9% of harmful bacteria. This added layer of protection ensures a higher level of safety for both businesses and consumers.

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