Vehicle Wraps
Car Wraps: Personalization and promotion through excellent graphics

Many car owners and the business organization find car wrapping as an excellent mode of personalization or advertising. What makes this effective is the fact that it is flexible, there are a variety of designs to choose from, it is quick and it also protects the original paint of the car from any wear and tear. Depending on the vinyl chose the wraps could last anywhere from five to eight years.

Being experts in design and printing, Prismhue would first get a review from the experienced team about your vehicle and the best suited options for branding, take utmost care to wrap it perfectly with best material within the set deadline and all this will be provided with the most competitive pricing available in the market. So if you are in mood to transform your vehicle, call us.

Van warps: On-the-go advertising with highest brand visibility

When brands and businesses want out-of-the-box idea they think of van graphics, as they are one of the most eye catching and best on-the-go promotional media that is available today. They work really best in the traffic and in traffic-signal where they could easily grab the attention of the passers-by and onlookers. In busy cities like Bangalore and Chennai what you would require is a highly durable, competitively priced and uncompromising quality of the material.

At Prismhue we just offer that. With the usage of finest material, state of the art printing technology and highly efficient technicians who do the van wrapping with utmost professionalism toensure zero bubbles or unevenness; we could add a new dimension to your advertising and marketing requirement.